Pediatric Resource Organization for Kids with Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases (PRO-KIIDS)

In 2005, the foremost Pediatric IBD basic and clinical researchers met with medical leadership of the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) to set out priorities in pediatric science and to further pediatric IBD treatment and research. Already heavily involved in programs and research focused on youth and infants, CCFA embraced the challenges presented at that meeting and further broadened its portfolio of pediatric IBD research and patient services, becoming the worldwide leader in funding for IBD pediatric research, education and support. Today, every major pediatric IBD center in America is touched by the work or funding of CCFA. PROKIIDS is an umbrella organization that focuses on moving the pediatric IBD agenda forward while building worldwide awareness around the seriousness of the issues surrounding our most vulnerable patients under the auspices of CCFA. Promoting Pediatric IBD research will be a major component of PROKIIDS, along with patient services and education. CCFA's "Pediatric Network" is the first major pediatric IBD research initiative to fall under PROKIIDS. The objectives of the Pediatric Network will involve various institutions who will work together on mutually agreed upon multiple projects. A combination of CCFA representatives, Network investigators, and an external advisory board will help steer the Network and monitor network activities moving forward. Although very many projects are expected to arise from the Pediatric Network, the Risk Stratification study project is our first project, currently underway and fully-funded by CCFA.

Contact us: Global_DCC@prokiids.com